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  • Описание Nevertheless all researchers admit that fact that errors of reading are connected with violation of this or that mental function speech or visual, however the few scientists conducted special pilot studies, ustanavl howling this communication.Analyzing domestic literature on the problem interesting us, we found pilot studies in which authors managed to reveal at children with a dyslexia not formation of certain mental functions.For example, T.A.Altukhova, O.B. Task What subject can be constructed of these parts how to make it?After pupils seize this type of work on well familiar subject images, tasks with use of alphabetic incentives are entered: modeling of letters, printing and handwritten.For fixing of a vision of letters children are offered to identify not added letters, to find incorrectly written letters etc.It is necessary to consider that letters as graphic objects possess various degree of complexity. Therefore classes need to be given in various premises of preschool institution: a methodical office, a music hall, educational and group rooms, on a walking platform, etc.GAME GET THE KEY Equipment: clockwork toy, key.Occupation course.The teacher shows to the child a new clockwork toy.The key from a toy hangs so highly that, standing on a floor, the child cannot get it.The task consists in using a chair as a supportive application for achievement of the purpose for a key dostavaniye. To enter meat and dairy products into food it is admissible only gradually and only at permanent decrease in temperature and improvement of the general state.Summing up, I want to emphasize once again not medicinal therapy is effective, but demands work.Daily it is necessary to do some procedures, varying them depending on temperature reaction.At temperature increase of a wrapping, at its decrease in procedure, the inflammations promoting a rassasyvaniye of the centers boots, mustard plasters, banks etc. Those whom it is possible to call by official public, do not wish me to know.For certain would never come to workers of the BBC to mind to invite me to a broadcast about education.Any university, including my native Edinburgh, would never think to offer me honourable degree.When I give lectures to students of Oxford or Cambridge, any professor or the associate professor does not come to listen to me.I believe that I can be proud of all this because when you are recognized by officials, it means that you became outdated. Number of players: It is possible to compete with the child, calling figures on numbers of the passing cars.Call figures in turn.It is possible to put from them the sums, wins what sum is more.Count Age: let.Number of players: Train the child in the quantitative account.Ask to count, how many to you will occur green cars, or pedestrians with dogs in the path, or people with baby carriages.Besides, that the child will repeat the account, game well develops attention. Bayan Old Russian: storyteller, storyteller, storyteller.Beloslav Slavic: a pure, good reputation.Benedict the same, as Venedikt.Blagoslav Slavic: good reputation.Bogdan Slavic: Godgiven.Boleslav Slavic: the most nice.Bonifaty Bonifatsy Latin: good destiny.Borimir Slavic: fighter for peace.Boris Slavic: fighter.Borislav Slavic: fighter for glory.Borukh Baruch Hebrew: the blessed person.Bayan the modified name Bayan.
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