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  • Описание We want to give you some councils and to show, how, carrying the child, you can facilitate life to yourselves and help development of your kid.Reasonable bases of carrying of the child Probably, you had a question whether constantly it is necessary to carry on itself rea benka Certainly, no.It is obvious that sometimes the baby should be removed.In it, as well as in any other business, the reasonable approach is important.If you were involved by a way recommended by us, you should reconsider first of all the ideas of what for you is the child.Some consider normal if the kid lies in the bed and vya looks at hanging rattles, think what to take it on hands it is necessary to feed only, and then to put back. But whether such child living on expense at other people, not bearing responsibility for and the acts can be considered as an adult Often such child simply is not guilty, such it was made by own parents who that is called brought up the child to the own harm.And and parents of such child often too it is impossible to call bad people is not present, they are the kind, broughtup, sympathetic people, and they precisely cannot be reproached with absence of love to own child.But after all the task of parents not only to grow up the child, to feed, dress, put, educate, but also to make it independent, to teach him to ability to live in the world surrounding it. Really, it is possible to treat food differently.It is possible to fill the belly with products, meaning only material aspect of a food, and it is possible to promote with its help to own spiritual growth and improvement.You can eat the best food, but it will not go for the future if fear, the concern, indignation, envy and other negative emotions pursues you constantly.Read Lobodin's aforementioned book, and at you, we hope, there will be such spiritual and material view of food and a food.As during this period, as a rule, there is time which it is possible to give to healthy nutrition.It is simpler, than, God forbid, then all life to nurse the sick child. Children which requirements do not remain unaddressed which carry out whole day in direct contact to someone from parents and sleep at night near mother on which each appeal the immediate response follows, finally become more independent.Such behavior of parents at all does not brin as considered before, to excessive dependence of the child on them.Children, whose inquiries are satisfied fully, further better and quicker accustom with world around.Style of rapprochement promotes the accelerated growth of a children's brain.Scientific researches confirm that at children being in close contact to parents, higher indicators in the test of intellectual development on a scale Atar are noted. One more moment.You with the husband it is frequent in the Tonian Period of the child.The husband wants to alter the kid in the righthanded person.And you interfere with it.You are right, such alteration itself is capable to become the stutter reason as the child will use more often not the hand main and conducting for it that is very much reflected in speech.You are right and menno is not present.All your divergences with the father should be the hidden secret for the child. e.include the wide range of products as animal, and a phytogenesis.Throughout all pregnancy it is necessary to limit amount of the refined carbohydrates entered with food sugar.the premiums, confectionery, candies as they promote r mother and a fruit, to violation of exchange processes, development of obesity in pregnant women and superfluous mass of newborns.At pregnancy the major condition not quantity of food is for two, and a variety and its best assimilation to reach supply by food substances a developing fruit.Try more carefully, than earlier, to chew food.We not m you to chew silently times as it was done by Rockefeller, but for good m and m depending on a type of food it is necessary to do by a saliva of chewing movements. Lesson number three children sleep how they sleep, because they are so arranged.Vital need Imagine that your child sleeps the same as adults.It about drives the most part of night in a deep sleep, it seldom has moments in which awakening is possible, and after them he falls asleep again.Sounds wonderfully! But only for you, instead of for your child.Present that the child froze, but cannot wake up and let to you know.Or that it got hungry, but did not wake up and did not receive necessary food.
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