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  • Описание Apparently, my Dima too long and painfully got used to thought of the girl.It went some days in such state as though its butt on the head knocked.In it I am a high time signed up for courses of future fathers and mothers and, naturally, dragged it with myself on occupations.So know, what first question the husband asked the doctor to the lecturer?What probability after the first girl to give birth to the second boy?Yes and and, it is visible, absolutely the prospect to live in a womans kingdom did not smile to it. Buying a childrens automobile chair, it is very important to pick up precisely the size, that is the chair has to be calculated on the weight of your child, and the age specified by the producer only an approximate reference point.If back seats of your car are supplied with inflatable safety cushions, a chair which is established by a back forward, it is impossible to use.Attention.Being going to go by plane, find out in airline, whether your childrens automobile chair is approved by Department of Civil Aviation. A hideandseek with toys To teach the child to carry out the movements on imitation and the word of the adult: on the adults question Where?to come nearer to a toy and to remove from it a napkin: a with a doll which was on a constant place when moving; b with a doggie which was on a constant place when moving; c with a cow who was on a constant place when moving; d with a horse who was on a constant place when moving; e with car which was on a constant place when moving.The adult has to beat actions with a toy which was on a constant place, to transfer it to other place in an arena, in the face of the child to close a napkin and to ask a question: Where? This ascertaining does not bear any moral assessment.These reference points most often prevent parents to make money therefore are rejected as superfluous.And in those families where universal values after all get on with big money, there parents simply have no time to share these values with the children.It is most widespread mistake of parents to consider that their children first of all need mobile phones and tickets for rock concerts.Children, as well as in general all people, need love, understanding and support.
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