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  • Описание Some minutes, carried out in walkers, or some steps, made in them, certainly, will not bring harm, however there is a lot of time to carry out in this first children's car not only is unsafe, but also is harmful.We against use of walkers and other adaptations helping the child to rise to the feet and begin to move because such assistance dulls his creative possibilities and an initiative.Walkers break normal physiological development, providing to the lower part of a body such possibilities to which top yet does not correspond.Researches show that at children who are carrying out in walkers the most part of day, rates of development of impellent skills and first of all independent walking can be slowed down. I not gingerbread bring up the child, and volume.I got used la to charge to the child all responsible sly affairs.I agree on that my child grew under a cap, if only it any more was not ill.I will not understand that does not suffice to my child.We bought to it even the videorecorder.Because of our child at our place continuous scandals because we do not meet with the wife husband in views of problems of education of children.My daughter son in any way does not want to reconcile with that after my divorce with her his father I absolutely already have no money to carry out all whims it it. At girls from the moment of the beginning of puberty female sexual hormones estrogen which promote several times to faster synthesis of fat and its adjournment in depot are formed.Therefore girls, and further and women, are more subject to obesity, and its progressing often begins from years in close connection with puberty.Flu and some other diseases, including inflammatory diseases of a brain , , often become complicated defeat of departments of the brain knowing a metabolism, with the subsequent development of the brain or hypothalamic obesity, very difficult giving in to treatment.Therefore treatment of the infectious diseases which are especially proceeding with a headache, should be carried out very carefully see above. At radiological researches of area of the head, hands, feet or a thorax with use of special protective aprons for pregnant women, as a rule, the child is not exposed to direct influence of Xrays and, therefore, inspection procedure for it is almost safe.Whether it is possible to do a Xray of teeth during pregnancyIt is desirable for pregnant women not to do a Xray of teeth.To resort to this method of research costs only in exceptional cases.Dentists do a Xray when consider it necessary for diagnostics, and the majority of stomatologists at treatment of pregnant women are especially careful.The woman should warn the doctor that it is pregnant or thinks that can be pregnant. If your child constantly wakes up with a stuffy nose, you should reflect, whether is not present in a room of the irritants causing in it an allergy.See on recommendation page as from them to get rid.Cold bed.Stacking the child in a cold bed, by all means wait for awakening.In cold weather use flannel blankets, a sheepskin or a hotwater bottle that to the child it was warm.Unfamiliar sounds.The sharp, loud unfamiliar sound easily can razbu the child, especially if it occurs during a superficial dream or when it passes from a superficial dream to the deep. Hypersensibility to pineapples, bananas, apricots meets.From berries most i sensibiliziruyushchy properties strawberry, wild strawberry, raspberry and a black currant possess.Quite strong allergenic properties are shown by a beet, carrots, tomatoes, selmery; the smaller potatoes, cabbage, turnip, a swede, r, salad though many of the last, owing to frequent use, also quite often serve as the reason of food allergy.At thermal processing allergenicity of vegetables, ir and berries decreases.Widespread food allergens are cocoa beans, and consequently chocolate and products from it, and also coffee. Listening to stories of already taken place mothers about their heavy experiences, speak to itself I will have everything differently, everything will pass well.Life experience is individual, the course of childbirth is defined by a large number of the factors, identical childbirth does not happen.And here your positive spirit is very important in order that everything passed safely.there is as much as possible how pass childbirth.For many, for example, there is opening that fact that patrimonial pain, as a rule, lasts no more than , hours thus that the childbirth, especially the first, compares to a marathon lasting many hours.
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