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  • Описание It started nadukvatsya, be inflated, be inflated.Now will burst, Kolya thought.But the sphere did not burst.It was twisted before Kolin Knox, and then in a sphere the red smoke zaklubitsya.To Coca it became terrible.He tried to get under a pillow, but a pillow blew off, as if a wind.The smoke in a sphere vanished, and protruding frog eyes looked at the boy.Over them the green hair standing on end as if needles at a hedgehog puffed up.The mouth was similar to a toothy crack. People are not ready to operate the destiny yet, to control and to direct the course of world processes, which victims they, however, often become.But though education also admits to one of ways vos food of mankind, it is still considered all only as mind training.It assumes training on everything to the same old scheme, without attraction any new zhi vitelny and creative power.I do not doubt that the philosophy and religion can brought ti huge contribution to the solution of educational tasks. It complicates their further communication.Having lost hope to be the witness, the child becomes isolated.When the adult tells one of stories about Annie the history close to perception of the child and the real life reflecting it, the child gains experience of opposite property.The appeared mutual understanding improves the relations between parents and the child.Remember when last time you talked to the person who as it seemed to you, was really adjusted on your wave, understood your feelings. Throughout this period of Mrs.began to care much better about the life.She suddenly found out that likes to go on Sundays at excursion with two girlfriends, also began quite so and to do.It derived pleasure from visit of performances and concerts and got some couples of subscriptions.If Ted wanted to go with it that happened quite often, she invited him.If it had no such desire, that it found still somebody who would go with it.Mrs.achieved small promotion that allowed it to receive much bigger satisfaction from work. All last year he carefully brought it to the musical room.Playing a musical instrument demands that made some physical effort for its surface.And the tool as if comes to life for the performer.This feeling can even provoke aggression in relation to the tool that happened to a drum in Kevin's hands see page .The deflection of a string and the visible vibration which is given rise by it helps the child to feel the force.Pamela see page was very happy when she chose the longest, most elastic string on a zither and everything touched and touched it, again and again reproducing the received impression. We have to relieve ourselves of these prejudices at last the N to take courage to look in a face of reality.In olden days the teacher argued as can show sya, very logically.He spoke: To bring up, I have to to be good and perfect.I know that is necessary also that not it is necessary to do so if children imitate me and obey me, everything will be good.Obedience was the main secret only.I forgot who from famous teachers uttered the following maxim: All virtues of the childhood can be summarized in one obedience. This ability vospolzo fall inventors of the alphabet as they chose and about iznesl separately that small amount of sounds, from a cat the ry all words consist.The alphabet, thus, is abstract system as the only it is real the existing sounds are words.So far person is not able to represent and abstractly to think, it cannot to be reasonable, or his consciousness will remind reason the highest animals, that is will be stiffened and limited some certain form povedeniye it will be me to shat it to development.
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