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  • Описание Progress can be measured by calculation of manifestations on maintaining for example, how many times the child was got involved in a fight on the nursery to platform; definition of a share for example, percent of homeworks, which were handed over in time; an efficiency assessment with the help a shka ly; or on the basis of educational data, for example estimates for the control worksexaminations, admissions of occupations, number of remarks etc.Tab..Beginning of performance tasks concentration for IUP The purpose Pupil will finish tasks in a class in time, is defined Nov teacher As will be aism ryatsya purposes The teacher will count percent of the finished tasks for the allocated time. Xie Xie Xie, we sing the song all.Xiu Xiu Xiu, we sing the whole song.Si si si, sing in a taxi.Xia Xia Xia, that's the song all.CE CE CE sang a song.All!Yas Yas Yas, here in the forest, the mud was everywhere.Axis axis axis, under the pine huge elk.Fear fear fear, I am in the forest elks afraid.Ect ect ect, I am one walk here.Been been been, soon you will return home.Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in rifovich Slowly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, say every rhythm to times. · How they hid from deer?· Could snails quickly leave the tree?Why?· Where did the deer?· Why snails are not seen as deer gone?· That said a snail?· That said the second?· The deer is really scared of snails?· What's funny about this story?L.N.Tolstoy THE WOLF AND THE GOAT Sees the wolf that goat grazing in the mountain, and he does it not pick up Xia.Wolf goat and said, Go, goat down here and place equally, and grass to feed sweeter. Lilya and Yulia is not day lingerie for the gate.Lily Lily waters from a watering can.In the alley Yulia spruce, Linden and maples.In autumn fly South swans.Yuliya and Ilya glue Wallpaper Wallpaper glue.Aunt Leah fly to Antalya.Differentiation of sounds of L TH in rifovich Clearly speak a poem.Watch the pronunciation of sounds EH and Th.Frost lay on the branches of a spruce, My Ilya such a bummer, Branches of spruce white.Just rest give.Given the lake We were Cycling, Cycling, Pouring I will not! These chairs very much lowspring and graceful look.Besides, in each class there are convenient armchairs from a tree or a rod.Other accessory of our cool furniture make small wash basins, so low that can use them even threeyearold children.They are painted by white waterproof enamel, and, except wide top and lower shelves for the white enameled pans and jugs, on them there are still lateral shelves for soap trays, brushes for nails, towels, etc.Is also vederets by which bowls oporozhnivatsya.Where it is possible, lockers for storage of the slice of soap, a brush for nails are put, teeth etc. Adult and child sitting in front of the mirror and jointly make certain articulatory movements they are marked in the right part of the nameplate.If the child still cannot correctly pronounce the sound R, it says only an adult.ADVENTURE BREEZE The text reads adult Action is performed by a child at the request of an adult In the cave again struggle.Language blocked the way of the Wind, he climbed up to the top the Teeth and leaned against the bumps around them.Widely open your mouth.Broad language raise up and approach to the alveoli. When the child spreads out sticks as it should be, one by one, on their length, we offer him to soschityvat red and blue pieces, starting with the shortest,, two, one, two, three and etc., always starting with one and in each stick from the party designated And.Then we ask it to call separate sticks from the shortest to the longest, honeycombs vetstvenno to number of the pieces consisting in everyone and touching sticks from edge In, on to which there ascends the ladder.The same numbering will turn out, as at the account length of a stick, , , , , , , , , , .
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