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  • Описание Actually one.It was proved and in the experiment made by the research associate of Institute of common problems of education of NPA of the USSR V.Maksakova: one good teacher that affairs in a class took a turn for the better suffices!Maksakovas effect.For carrying of a log, for physical, administrative and other similar activity efforts of everyone are necessary.But where it is about spiritual activity, there it is enough also one person, strong spirit.It is accepted to emphasize: brings up everything, each centimeter and each passer brings up. Discipline, thus, branch of religion.The main difference between Sammerkhill and usual school consists that in Sammerkhill believe in the identity of the child.We know that if Tommie wants to become a doctor, it will be itself, at own will to be engaged to pass entrance examinations.And the school which is constructed on rigid discipline, is sure that Tommie if not to beat him, not to press on him or not to force to be engaged in certain hours, will never become a doctor. Grant to the child the right to make the choice so that it could develop the ability to make decisions independently.For example, give it the chance to stop the choice on one of two types of clothes offered by you: You will put on a blue dress or a green jumper?or: You will go for swimming or in a zoo?Show flexibility.Happens that the child refuses something, and you know precisely that actually he wants it.Willingly adhere to that choice which it made. We, adults, do not demand that the adult uncle Bill ate up everything from the plate if he, say, does not like carrots or that the father surely washed up hands.Constantly correcting children, we force them to feel the inferiority, we offend their natural advantage.All this question of a ratio of values.For Gods sake, well, really, it happens if Tommie sits down at a table with not washed up hands?Children raised in the spirit of the wrong discipline live life long big lie. Alternation of cup with laying of a uvula on bottom.The cup costs on a table.Development of a long oral exhalation.Development of a voice Dui on hot tea.A pulling of lips a wide tubule with imitation of blasting on hot tea.We drink cocktail through a tubule.Short breath mouth.Pulling of lips narrow funnel.Long exhalation mouth.Lets squeeze out juice in the juice extractor.We turn on the juice extractor. To represent the house left by owners; the destroyed izba; the house to which new settlers drive.To present itself a saw, a polotok, a drill.To show purpose of these tools.Subject Poultry Development of a small motility To carry out actions and the movements by hands and fingers according to sense of the poem.Rhythmically to connect at first big and the average and index fingers put together, and then big and index, to connect and separate all fingers, representing a tail of a turkeycock. When put it into practice, do not try to persuade the opponent to make that you want, or to dissuade from that he wants to make.At think such decision as a result of which both of you receive that want.Sometimes such decision can surpass your expectations much more.Right at the beginning, to resolve a contradiction, a lot of time will be required, but establishment of respect will be an award for it.If all family is engaged in improvement of this ability, process will go much easier and will take less time.
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