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  • Описание And if on the way to the car it to a vstra Tit the colleague to whom there is a worker вопрос?about terms can be forgotten, they about speak at least minutes even if he remembers that promised the wife to be at home by certain time.When the father is late, Mindi seems that with it there was something bad.Perhaps, it had an accident or perhaps for was about it and appointed meeting to evening!When she sees the father's car, runs out on the street earlier, than he manages to leave the car.Where you was?!she asks in a panic. Skill flexibility at change of the schedule Who will train in skill?Mother How?Mother says to Manuel that the schedule will change, and asks, as if he wanted to learn about it Pictures of different actions are prepared For every day the schedule in pictures depending on the plan is formed The plan is revised overnight, in the morning and after classes New actions changes are gradually added What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use skill working off?The plan does not provide special pooshchreniychast III. THE SEVENTH STAGE FIXATION OF THE SOUND W STORIES Consolidation pronunciation sound W stories Clearly, highlighting the sound W, say it first, every sentence, and then the whole the story entirely.After clarification of the meaning of the text spell all the words with sound W.BAD JOKE Pasha was a great Joker.Only jokes he has not always been good.As I saw Pasha in the yard little Masha.Here, on shop, laying Machines bear.Pasha run home for the great who stuffy ball. Interchange terapevticheskoi tales should be positive Morality this tale this is the.Heroes tales learn from their actions, their life radically changed The source from which you can draw material for terapeuti ical tales may be familiar fairytale motifs, Proverbs, a child's imagination, the cases from the life of the parents or practice psychologist and specially designed theme..READ OR RECITE?Answering the question it is Better to read or tell?, psychologists prefer telling that allows allows to create the atmosphere of emotional intimacy, full to support meaningful eye contact. Wet sound R in the flow of other sounds Carefully listen and remember, as a roaring engine airplane take a picture the sound symbol R from Appendix .Show the motor.For that hand bend at the elbows, hands squeeze into fists and rotate hands in front of chest.Do such movements sign sound symbol R only when you hear the roars the airplane engine audio R, and on the other sounds not react.fourteen Consonants are pronounced briefly, as they are heard in combinations after the vowel a al, am, EN, AU, or between two vowels ava, Aza, hell, 'an. Of course, the adult reader may now be argued that cannot to compare a person's death and the death of birds, hedgehog, or dogs.But for a child whose parents are alive, grandparents, the death of a beloved pet is a huge mountain.Children's heart accepts the death of those whom he loves, whoever they are.My childhood memories of the losses is mourning together with Maximkas and denizkoy, this is my childhood experience losses and return to life.I remember a neighbor boy at the end of winter brought me the bird. Suddenly Language raises his back to PocoLoco, and its flanks pressed to the upper Teeth.Now The breeze even harder to get out into the wild.Make language hill the side edges press to top bicuspid, and the tip of the tongue against the bottom teeth.The beginning of the tale see S..The text reads adult Action is performed by a child at the request of an adult But as soon as its front part The tongue pressed against the lower Teeth, re Shiv to pokatatsya with them, immediately Breeze slipping on his back, as the hill.
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