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  • Описание The boy with gratitude looked at the teacher.When you tell this story, it is met usually with approval, but every time there are also indignant: Unless it is possible to deceive children?Children should tell all truth!There are parents who nearly from a cradle try not to miss an opportunity to specify to the son: Here you see how badly people arrive?You see, what villains?You see, what is created?Sometimes understand as the word all truth only bad about the world, about life. Dissolve paint, prepare a sheet of paper, an old toothbrush.This way is applied to production of tinted paper which is used in various handmade articles, applications, cards.On a tip of a brush gather a little paint, watch that did not drip.Incline a brush over a sheet of paper and a finger of the right hand run over pile.Splashes will scatter and will develop in a freakish form.And now try to execute a card with the kid.Cut out plain patterns snowflakes, flowers from paper. CHICKEN As on our street Chicken ran, Lost all chickens Bright zheltenky children First chicken Watches a frog, The second and third Near the coil.The butterfly is caught The fourth and fifth.Eh, will get to you From mother, children!Serially to bend fingers, since a little finger.FINGERS TELLTALES The commander called soldiers: Stand amicably in a row!The first got up, behind it the second, Anonymous, quickly in a system!And the little finger is very small, It slightly was not late. Material for similar tasks is inexhaustible and always near at hand.The special attention is demanded, perhaps, by color shape of world around.Our vision of color since the childhood is complicated by one, almost ineradicable, circumstance.The matter is that a human eye distinguishes a huge number of shades of color; words for their designation in language much less, in practice we use a poor set of tsvetovoboznacheniye: red, green, brown, etc.It is probably inevitable: it is impossible to present that each of incalculable shades of green color, for example, had the, special name. The child who is brought up in freedom will consciously not lie because it is not necessary for him.He will not begin to lie, protecting himself, for fear or evading from compensation of damage, but he, of course, will sometime lie under the pressure of the imagination will tell any romantic story about what never was.As for lie for fear, I hope that the new generation which does not have skeletons which should be locked in shkaf will come.It will be sincere and honest in everything, in its dictionary there will be no need for the word lie. Then not we, parents, and offense will be a source of troubles and tortures of conscience.Badly that I badly arrived and not that parents learned about it and punished me.Parents always with me in my troubles.Mother with the daughter seventhgrader was called to the principal.The girl badly studies, defiantly behaves, enters disputes with the teacher.Yes, yes, I understand you!Mother nods.Mother sighs, mother nearly cries, and the girl cries.But, having left an office, mother looks at the girl, she feels sorry for the daughter, and it She conducts it in a candy store and buys cake. cheerfully Ulalolil!joyfully Ololol.disappointedly Ylululyl.angrily Development of phonemic perception Lets show to the Elephant calf and the Wolf cub as we are able to listen to sounds and to designate them circles.Definition of a position of a sound l in syllables it is scarlet, ol.Designation of syllables it is scarlet, ol, color symbols.Repeat syllables yl ol it is scarlet.Listen once again: ylol.What syllable disappeared from a syllabic row?
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