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  • Описание And answers to questions enrich them with information and energopotentsialy.Actions strengthen thinking.But development of interests can go different ways.If adults especially parents or teachers give irrefragable answer or in general avoid dialogue, research interests and actions of the child gradually die away.And with them and what there will live future thinker thinking as a part of the talent mechanism.But also the trouble does not come to an end with it.There is an irreparable in the child the major collapses, he feels indifference to as to the personality. before .hears.gentle breath of moisture.It brings ., where doge.already spilled But here .to drip the doge Redk.drops leave dark .on .it is expensive.and roofsK.Paustovsky'Exercise No.Parts of wordsquarreled.Reconcile them rather! Once parts of a word quarreled.Perthe vy half shouted I most important! Without menot to manage! It is enough to read box., and at onceit becomes clear, about what there is a speech. Therefore he developed system which reminded it of this duty.To observe the agreement with parents for it it was important, for the condition of his favourite depended on it.No punishments were necessary.Sixteenyear Rex assumed a duty to buy products.If he forgot to buy any of three major components of a family food, it apologized for the inconveniences caused to all and, without hesitatin came back in ma .Another story altogether happened to Mary, to which son one and a half years. In a word, I blossomed in the favourite wood, as if a wild orchid.Ahead I had whole half a year to think of, how to remain in the paradise jungle after expedition therefore practical difficulties of such step yet did not excite me.But here these half a year passed, and I was already torn from the jungle home.Malaria undermined my excellent health and good mood, and I passionately would like some meat and greens.I with pleasure would exchange one of the diamonds extracted by the own sweat and blood for a glass of orange juice. After all it is impossible to give rise without addition slethe blowing generation – then life will end in the same sort, if we do not come to physiological connection between floors.The same will occur, if we do not reach psychologists chesky or mental connection.From it we only about we play.and.In your explanation there is somethin sposobstvuyushchy to correction, or other relation to suppression of wives the tires, existing today, to their equality with men.This equality starts with absolutely other source, it consists in addition of each other. Dark blue, red, blue.We at all do not want to tell that you have no right to become angry and be angry, mourn andor to be upset even on trifles.No, the bad mood should not be hidden! It is just necessary to try to get rid of it.And if it is impossible then as at flu, to wait, receive medical treatment and the main thing to try not to infect with it anybodyanybody.By the way, the same ball when you not in mood, will help not to spoil his another.Create an alarm ball Agree with house and with own children especially that every time when you not in mood, you give all about it the nobility. Also it is not known to mother that at such age the child simply unable to resist temptation, same not the adult with his developed will.So, on to Nome, it would be necessary to punish mother.Do not push the child on crime, also punishment then is not required.It is possible to frighten so, of course, the kid or to take in such echinoid mittens that will suffer, as pretty.But it is even worse the fear will sit down at soul and will pour out neurosises, phobias and other similar troubles.However, the such can happen not at once, but, most likely, happens by all means.And when the set of strakhovospitaniye will reach the critical sizes, you should not teach the child any more, and to treat.
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